Silent Auction raised more than $6,800 for Malawi Nursing Exchange and complementary course to Belize

The International Education Office’s Wine and Cheese Silent Auction was a huge success because of the Vanier College community’s generosity. Thanks to your contribution, our office managed to raise more than $6,800 for the Malawi Nursing Exchange and the complementary course to Belize. Our website will be updated shortly with the list of contributors and pictures from our event.

Many thanks to our Master of Ceremony, Sevak Manjikian, who kept everyone entertained throughout the evening and ensured that our event ended on a high note. We would also like to thank the Cafeteria for providing us with an impressive spread which complemented the wine really well and the Music department for providing music with their talented trio.

All proceeds will be donated to the Vanier College Foundation, under the Malawi Nursing Exchange fund and the Belize fund.

Thanks again to all our donors and supporters!

Jennifer Joseph, International Education

The Vanier College Foundation provides more than $70,000 in grants and scholarships

The Vanier College Foundation is very pleased to announce that over the past 6 months it has awarded more than $70,000 in scholarships and grants to support Vanier students and college projects.  At a ceremony held on November 26th, a total of $11,500 in entrance scholarships provided jointly by the Foundation and the Office of the Academic Dean was awarded to the 75 top new students beginning their studies at Vanier College in the fall 2015 semester.  As well, last June, the Foundation provided $8,600 in scholarships to students of the 2014-2015 graduating class. In addition to scholarships, this fall semester, the Foundation awarded $7,375 to support a book loan program for students in need, and more than $40,000 to support fifteen projects taking place during the 2015-2016 school year.

Among the projects to receive support are important annual Vanier events that have proven their value in the past by enriching student learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Support was allocated to the Malawi Vanier Nursing Exchange for students doing a 7-week internship in Africa in the spring. A new Humanities complimentary course entitled “The Tropics” will receive funding for a student study-trip to Belize in March. Grants will also go to students participating in the 5-week Russian Language Study Program in St Petersburg in June. Students in Early Childhood Education undertaking an internship in Germany, and students in Environmental & Wildlife Management planning internships abroad, are also receiving funding.

As well, the Foundation will also help defray the costs of Business Administration and Micropublishing and Hypermedia students studying for a semester abroad in Belgium or doing their program internship in France.

In addition to support for international education projects, the Foundation will also help Industrial Electronics students participating in a week-long study trip to the Siemens Company in Ontario in March, and students attending a Building Systems Engineering Technology Conference outside Canada.

Other major activities that will receive support include the Holocaust and Genocide Symposium and the Humanities Symposium. The Foundation is also helping a new initiative aimed at providing daycare services for single parents attending classes at Vanier, and athletes participating in U.S. tournaments.  A major grant also went to the Music Department for its upcoming presentation of the musical Into the Woods to be performed in April at Vanier College.

“Over the years, the Vanier Foundation has been one of our greatest supporters,” says Jennifer Joseph of the International Education Office. “It has helped hundreds of students to enrich their education through study abroad programs, which give them the skills to work in an ever-changing and interconnected world. We thank the Foundation for its continuous generosity and its help in fostering a new generation of global citizens.”


2015 Graduation Ceremony: Scholarships and Awards

The Vanier College Foundation is proud to announce the following scholarships recipients for the 2015 Graduation Ceremony held on Wednesday, June 17, 2015:

John Economides Scholarship
Petar Stoyanov,  Commerce: Major in International Business

Careers and Technical Program Scholar
Emile Brûlé-Champagne,  Computerized Systems Technology

Pre-University Diploma Program Scholar
Jenisha Patel,  Pure & Applied Science Honours

Continuing Education Attestation Scholar
Maria Andrea Barile,  Accounting

Gustav Levinschi Scholarships
Michael Pratte,  Health Science
Arvhic Jay Salazar,  Social Science
Alicia Williams,  Nursing

CAMMAC Graduation Scholarship
Caitlin Berger,  Music
Sam Fleury,  Professional Music: Performance

Cy Cooper Band Scholarship
Caitlin Berger,  Music

The Gloria Di Murro Creativity Award
Caroline Araujo-Calisto,  Communications: Art, Media, Theatre
Anamaria Bodea,  Modern Languages

David Johnson Memorial Science Scholarship
Anne Yin,  Health Science Honours

Cedric Kunicek Memorial Scholarship
Jessica Shumko,  Social Science: Major in Law & Society

The John Pitre Architectural Technology Scholarship
Firas Mahboub-Saab,  Architectural Technology

Nadia Turbide Scholarship
Caitlin Berger,  Music

Le Groupe Compass Perseverance Award
Manar Aoude,  Social Science

The Women’s Studies Fran Davis Award
Tristan Masson,  Social Science

2015 Vanier College BDC Case Challenge

Mr. Normand W. Bernier, Director General of Vanier College is pleased to announce that after two days of mounting excitement and imaginative presentations at the 10th annual 2015 Vanier College BDC Case Challenge on February 7 and 8, the first place Gold Award went to Mohawk College composed of students Matt Brown, Alex Hurley and Scott Merwin and their coaches Drew McTear, Mark Valvasori and Deborah Weston. Mohawk College from Hamilton, Ontario, is the only college to have won First Place Gold three times in the ten years of the competition, which is quite an accomplishment.

The Silver Award went to Cégep régional de Lanaudière à Joliette, and George Brown College won Bronze.  The three other teams that made it to the finals were Collège de Valleyfield, Niagara College and St Lawrence College Cornwall.

During the weekend event, thirty-three teams of marketing students from colleges across Canada had three hours to analyze a real business case and present viable marketing solutions before a panel of expert judges.

“The Case Challenge is a perfect example of how a collaboration between Vanier College and an organization such as BDC, the principal sponsor of this event since its beginnings, can create unique learning opportunities for students that motivate them in their educational and career pursuits,” said M. Bernier.

Jane Somerville, Business Consultant Integrated Sales and Marketing at BDC and judge in this year’s competition, was enthusiastic in her praise of the event and the participants. “BDC is extremely proud to sponsor this Case Challenge. By supporting youth education, BDC contributes to the development of future Canadian entrepreneurs.  Students get the chance to evolve their business knowledge and skills in a practical way –in a safe yet competitive environment”.

David Moscovitz, Vanier College BDC Case Challenge organizer, was thrilled about this year’s 10th anniversary competition. “From the moment participants arrived there was an atmosphere of friendship and warmth.  Some schools have been coming to this event for several years and there’s a feeling of family when they arrive. It’s been ten years of growth and development where we’ve seen the quality of the presentations improve constantly,” he said. “More importantly, we’ve heard from past participants that the experience of presenting at this competition has often been the highlight of their collegiate studies.”

ScotiaBank finalist award winners included Mohawk College, Cégep régional de Lanaudière à Joliette, George Brown College, Collège de Valleyfield, Niagara College and St Lawrence College Cornwall.

BDC is the principal sponsor of this competition.

About BDC
Canada’s business development bank, BDC, puts entrepreneurs first. With almost 2,000 employees and more than 100 business centres across the country, BDC offers loans,  consulting services, growth and business transition capital, securitization, as well as venture capital to more than 30,000 small and medium-sized companies. Their success is vital to Canada’s economic prosperity. To learn more, please visit

2013 Vanier College Humanities Symposium

The Vanier College Humanities Department, along with the Humanities Symposium Committee, owes an inestimable amount of gratitude to many people throughout the college. A symposium such as this, with so many outstanding participants, could hardly have been conceived and actualized without the cooperation and assistance of faculty, administrators, and staff. This year’s symposium was an enormous success, by almost every conceivable standard, and it helped raise the intellectual profile of Vanier College throughout the city of Montreal, as well as the regions of southern Quebec and Ontario. Many of the symposium participants applauded the outstanding company of thinkers they found themselves within. As one eminent scholar and participant exclaimed in an email, “Bravo!”

As symposium coordinator, I am deeply indebted to an indefatigable committee of people who worked numerous hours to help bring this year’s symposium to fruition. Alphabetically, they are: Brian Aboud, Martha Bernstein, Timothy Budde, Stephen Byron, Sheila Das, Nathan Loewen, and Lili Petrovic. Two faculty members must also be acknowledged, one for guiding me through a myriad of organizational details (Sevak Manjikian) and the other for helping bring the acclaimed author Rawi Hage to the symposium (Leila Bdeir). Appreciation also goes out to our Faculty Dean (FSGS) Eric Lozowy, and his office for his continued support of the Humanities Symposium.

The committee and I appreciate, beyond measure, the work of the Vanier College Students Association who supported bringing Professors Stanley Fish, Charles Taylor, and Mark Kingwell to Vanier. Our students have demonstrated that, as a Student Association among others in this city, province, and country, they must be recognized among the very best. Our appreciation goes out to all Vanier College students for taking part in the week-long event. Your questions and comments were challenging, provocative and insightful, bringing enthusiasm, vitality and optimism to the life of the Humanities Symposium.

With respect to securing the participation of Professor Stanley Fish, who came to Vanier College from Florida International University, we are grateful to the members of the Vanier College Foundation, the Director General, Gilbert Héroux, and the Academic Dean, Martine Gauthier. Your support came at a time when it was urgently needed, and it was essential to our success.

As always, the Vanier College Teachers Association can be counted on to support teachers and departments throughout the college. To this end, we thank the VCTA and the Association Council for supporting the presentation of Professor Charles Taylor. What a great afternoon this was. Thank-you VCTA!

Naturally, alongside monetary assistances, there is an infinite array of mechanical details that must be taken into consideration, to take germinating ideas and turn them into a working reality. Here, we are grateful to Danielle (Dany) Brown who gave up valuable space, in both the Auditorium and the Carrefour when the symposium coincided with the beginning of Black History Month. Thank-you Dany and best wishes for another Black History Month success!

We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Bev Chandler and the Vanier Communications office for “getting the word out” and making swift and necessary changes to promotional materials and schedules on the Vanier website. This department was an invaluable asset to the symposium committee, in these and many other areas.

Also to be thanked is Mike Demole and his staff in the print shop, who could be called upon at any and all “last moments” to have materials altered and/or produced. A symposium such as this needs the printed word, in a variety of ways, and it is clear that our print shop staff can be counted on.

Thanks also goes to Joan Fee Taylor (Micropublishing and Hypermedia), for enduring the ever-changing requests of the symposium coordinator, and to Justin Deguire and David Scott whose work in the Auditorium is always professional, tireless, and immensely cooperative.

Sincerely, Jeff Sims, Humanities Department

2013 Vanier College BDC Case Challenge

Congratulations to Algonquin College (photo above) the winner of the 8th annual Vanier College BDC Case Challenge held Friday, February 8 through to Sunday, February 10, 2013. Coming in second is the team from St. Lawrence College (Kingston), and third place goes to New Brunswick Community College.

Kudos to the Vanier Team that was tops in Division One, and won a place as one of the six finalists competing Sunday. Team members Kristy Cummings-Taylor, Samantha Hughes, Mark Clarizio, with alternate Melissa Piro, and Coaches David Moscovitz and Jessica Andrews truly did Vanier proud. A big thank you goes to the 45 Vanier student volunteers who worked throughout the weekend to help make this event a great success.

Congratulations to all of the participating colleges and their teams for the high standard of presentations at this pan-Canadian event. Special kudos to those who braved the Friday weather and long delays in airports and on roads to make it to the event and compete on schedule and keep the event competitive.

2013 Winners: Meg Sircom Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Sarah Rossy, winner of the 2013 Meg Sircom Memorial Scholarship, and to Honorable Mentions Salvatore Rotolo and Elise Kovac. Meg Sircom, a fiction writer and English teacher at Vanier from 2001-2011, valued both academic and creative writing. The scholarship awards creative literary work of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, graphic storytelling, or other.

Horizon Multiressource Terra-Bois Scholarship Launch

Today saw a first-time event occurring for the Environmental and Wildlife Management Program, and one of which we are very proud. With 1st and 2nd year EWM students in attendance, we launched a program-dedicated scholarship, which will result in cash awards being made annually to two students who are continuing their studies at the EWM Field Station in the Gore Township, just north of Lachute.
Applications for the scholarships, which must be submitted by the students by late spring of 2013, will focus on community involvement, character, and academic performance.

The scholarship was generously proposed, and will be funded by, the Lachute-based forestry and environmental consulting company, Horizon Multiressource, and its parent company, Terra-Bois Cooperative. Mr. André Goulet, General Manager of Horizon Multiressource, was on hand to make the announcement.

The faculty and staff of the EWM Program would like to extend their sincerest thanks to Mr. Goulet and his organization for this initiative, one which is very much in keeping with their ongoing work in environmental and sustainable endeavours.

Brian Scully, Environmental and Wildlife Management