Holocaust and Totalitarianism: Journeys Through Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic

The Vanier College Foundation is proud to be supporting a new student initiative called “Holocaust and Totalitarianism:  Journeys Through Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic.” This complementary course is open to all Vanier students for credit and combines classroom discussions with a unique study abroad experience visiting important sites of the Holocaust. Read more. DONATE NOW.

Malawi Nursing Exchange Fundraiser

The Vanier College Nursing Department is raising money to support the Malawi Nursing Exchange. You can support the students participating in this year’s exchange by purchasing Gourmet Coffee and Hot Chocolate.

Ground Coffee Mélange Manoir – Colombian and African blend with about 10% French roasted. This is considered a medium tasting coffee; ground suitable for a basket or cone drip coffee maker. 200 gram bags: $5 per bag

Hot Chocolate Powder – Rich and Creamy. 456 gram bags: $5 per bag

Order here

One of our Nursing students will contact you to arrange delivery. Payment upon receipt of the order. Cash or cheque made out to Vanier College Foundation. Funds go to the Vanier College Foundation in support of the Malawi Nursing Exchange.

For more information please contact: Melodie Hicks 744-7500 x 7730, hicksm@vaniercollege.qc.ca

Vanier Students Representing Québec at the 2012 Prix Goncourt des Lycéens

The Vanier College Foundation is proud to support six Vanier College students and French teacher Catherine Duranleau who have been preparing to represent Québec at this year’s Prix Goncourt des Lycéens.


Originally Published: November 9, 2012

2000 students from France and other countries
Since its creation in 1988, the Goncourt des Lycéens has aimed at giving students a taste for reading and writing and for discussing books.  Over the years it acquired the prestige of a true literary prize to the point of now being a touchstone of each literary season when new books are launched.  The jury is composed of some 2000 French students aged 15 to 18, as well students from other countries who read the books officially selected by the Académie Goncourt. It is therefore students who select the winner after discussions, meetings and debates.

November 13-15 debates to select a winner
« Six students and I will be living a wonderfully stimulating and demanding literary adventure, » states French teacher Catherine Duranleau who had the daring idea of submitting the name of Vanier College to represent Québec at the Goncourt des Lycéens. « We’ve now almost finished reading all 11 novels in preparation for the regional deliberations in Paris on November 13, 2012 and in Rennes on November 15, when the grand winner will be announced.  We are very anxious to get going. »

The first time an English Cegep represents Québec at this competition
Vanier College, the only foreign school on the French jury this year, will represent Québec and the world very well.  The Vanier students reflect not only the rich cultural diversity of the College and of modern-day Québec which is more and more cosmopolitan, but also reflects the French world of the future.   It’s also the first time an English Cegep represents Québec at this competition.

Past participation in the Prix littéraire des collégiens
It’s the College’s participation in the Prix littéraire des collégiens for two consecutive years here in Québec that gave Catherine Duranleau the idea of submitting Vanier’s candidacy for representing Québec at the Goncourt des Lycéens. «It’s with great enthusiasm that the members of the organizing committee of the Prix littéraire des collégiens accepted and endorsed Vanier’s submission, » indicates Claude Bourgie Bovet who is responsible for the Prix littéraire des collégiens and who spearheads the selection of a Québec cegep for the Goncourt des Lycéens.  It’s also worth noting that almost the entire cost of this project has been covered by grants that Catherine Duranleau managed to obtain.

Yokogawa Donates Leading Edge Transmitters to Industrial Electronics

Yogogawa Canada Inc. has graciously donated valuable equipment to the Industrial Electronics Department. The instruments (differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter) are typical of what Vanier students will encounter in the field and will be used for hands-on training and experimentation in the Instrumentation and Process Control labs. 

RCFM Scholarship Winners 2012

Originally Published: May 10, 2012

Three Vanier students received scholarships from the Regroupement des fondations collégiales de Montréal at the Recognition Gala for RFCM Scholarships for the Next Generation held on May 1, 2012. This year’s Vanier winners are from left to right in the photo: Jessica Benady-Chorney, Health Science, Giovanna Arcuri, OST: Micropublishing and Hypermedia; and Christopher Simeone, Special Care Counselling.

Every year, the Regroupement des fondations collégiales de Montréal awards three students from each of the 12 cégeps on the Island of Montreal a scholarship of $1,000 each.  The Regroupement is supported in its mission by industry and leaders in education. Students with a good academic record, who have shown commitment to their studies and to college life through extracurricular activity, and who have been endorsed by an employee of the College are eligible to enter.

Jessica devotes large amounts of her time volunteering in her community, including helping out at the Lakeshore General Hospital, in shelters and charity farms. Jessica is a member of the school’s Key Society, tutors other students and is on the Dean’s Honour List every semester. She plans to study Medicine at McGill University.

Giovanna is a regular Dean’s Honour Roll student studying Micropublishing and Hypermedia.  Many of her designs have won contests at Vanier.  For example, her poster was used to publicize La Semaine de la francophonie at Vanier as well as the Big Band Benefit Concert.  Giovanna has been taking dance classes for years and this experience has motivated her to start her own business, Shimmy Entertainment, which offers choreographies and belly dancing at events.  She plans to pursue her studies in Art History at Concordia University.

Christopher Simeone is committed to changing the way disabilities, especially learning disabilities, are perceived and dealt with in the academic environment. His work in Special Care Counselling will lead him toward a position where he can make a significant contribution to changes to curriculum and to promoting greater awareness of the challenges faced by those with disabilities.  Christopher is a member of the Learning Disability Association of Quebec and volunteers by giving workshops, as well as being a mentor for new students and a member of the Vanier Ambassadors for Student Services.

Robert Frederick Jones Composition Scholarship

It is with great sadness that Vanier College announces the passing of Robert Frederick Jones on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. A graduate of the New England Conservatory and Brandeis University, he moved to Montreal in 1972 and joined the faculty of the Music Department at Vanier College in 1976.

He was appreciated for his outstanding abilities as a choral conductor and composer of music with an intensely spiritual quality. In addition to being a composer and pedagogue, Robert Jones was a remarkable pianist, noted for his outstanding abilities as an improviser and accompanist. Prominent in the music community he influenced a large number of students.

Retrospective concerts devoted entirely to his works were presented by Vanier College in 1998 and 2007, and last year the Music Department commissioned a work from him La Terra Promessa, which was premiered during the 40th anniversary of the College.

To paraphrase a notice from the program of one of his concerts is perhaps one way of remembering him and his legacy: When an audience hears a work by Robert Frederick Jones, they remember the soaring melodies, the intense and personal atmosphere he creates, and the way he touches the heart.

His passing is a loss to us all. Our sympathies are extended to his wife and family, Nadia Turbide and his colleagues in the Vanier Music Department, and his current and former students.

To honour the late Robert Frederick Jones, his colleagues in the Music Department have established the Robert Frederick Jones Compostion Scholarship. If you wish to contribute to this scholarship,  you may do so by cheque made out to the Vanier College Foundation or online here.