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The Vanier College Foundation works to increase the financial resources available to the College so that it may continue to offer quality education to its students in a stimulating and enriching environment. The resources, made available through the College, are designated as:

Financial Aid
  • Textbook Loan Program: at the beginning of each semester, students in need submit an application to participate in the Textbook Loan Program. In this program, students are loaned brand new textbooks free of charge for the duration of the semester (or as long as the book is required course reading). The textbooks are returned at the end of the semester and sold back to the Vanier Bookstore with the proceeds being reinvested in the Textbook Loan Program.
  • Emergency Loans: the Foundation provides emergency loans to students who are experiencing immediate financial difficulties. Emergency Loans may include such items as rent, extraordinary utility bills, utilizes, or a significant and unanticipated household expense.
  • Food Vouchers: students who are unable to afford weekly groceries can participate in the Food Voucher program which provides coupons that can be exchanged for groceries at Loblaws supermarkets.
Scholarships and Bursaries
These funds are used to recognize students who have excelled academically and who contributed significantly to the student life at Vanier College. These awards are distributed annually at the Graduation Ceremony held in June.

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International Education
These funds are used to support international student trips with the aim of fostering a passion for global perspectives and providing the skills needed to work in an ever-changing international community. The Foundation continues to support International Education internship and study trips such as: Malawi Nursing Exchange, Holocaust & Totalitarianism Study Course, Early Childhood Education Internships in Germany, Russian Language Study Program, Business Administration Semester Abroad in Belgium, Environmental & Wildlife Management Internships in Costa Rica, Business Administration Student Stages with institutions in various regions of France, and Habitat for Humanity.

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Development Projects
These funds are used to support large-scale improvement projects such as the replacement of football field playing surface and the complete renovation of the Vanier library.
Student Equipment
These funds are used to purchase much-needed student equipment, such as computers and associated AV equipment, IT services and software, books, films, and cds, desks and chairs, musical instruments, and other needs.
Educational Activities
These funds are used to support educational activities submitted by staff and students, such as the BDC Case Challege, the Robotics Competition, the Holocaust and Genocide Symposium, and the Animal Health Fund.


NEW – Vanier WUSC Committee, Student Refugee Program
Through World University Services Canada (WUSC), the Vanier College local working committee will be sponsoring one refugee student for the 2016-2017 academic year. They are committed to resettle this student as permanent and will help them with their pursuit of post-secondary education.

WUSC is the only Canadian non-profit organization that combines resettlement and post-secondary education in hopes of empowering youth and improving lives globally. They are active on over 70 campuses in Canada and local committees are composed of students and staff who believes education can change the world.

The refugees currently residing in camps have fewer opportunities for higher education and WUSC has been working hard since 1978 to help refugees access education.

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