Board Of Directors

The Vanier College Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of 13 members recognized for their concern for education and their contributions to the community. The function of the Board is to ensure the Foundation adheres to the mission and values described in statements. Specifically, the Vanier College Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Creating the organization’s mission and strategic plan;
  • Monitoring and reviewing the agency’s compliance with the strategic plan to accomplish its mission;
  • Developing policies and procedures that guide the operation of the agency;
  • Hiring, evaluating, and supporting agency staff;
  • Maintaining records (minutes) of the boards activities and decisions;
  • Ensuring the fiscal integrity of the agency’s operations and records;
  • Representing the ideas, culture, needs, and desires of the community it serves;
Current Membership
The current membership is made up of:

  • Andrew Hertzog – President, Vanier College Foundation; Attorney, Hertzog & Associates
  • Janelle Villanueva – Secretary/Treasurer, Vanier College Foundation
  • John McMahon – Director General, Vanier College
  • Nadia Turbide – Retired Faculty Member, Vanier College
  • Andrew Liberio – Alumni, Vanier College
  • Frank Chan – Representative, Montreal Chinese (Mandarin) School
  • Wah Keung Chan – Founder/Editor, La Scena Musicale
  • Constantina Ioannou – Senior Relationship Manager, Scotiabank
  • Stefane Liberio– President, SL Financial Management
  • Angela Lihnakis – Senior Manager, TD Wealth
  • John Neysmith – Member, World Scout Committee
  • Joe Caprera – Alumni, Vanier College; President, Saxxcorp
  • Kareem Brochu – President, Vanier College Student Association


Last updated: July 7, 2020