2015 Graduation Ceremony: Scholarships and Awards

The Vanier College Foundation is proud to announce the following scholarships recipients for the 2015 Graduation Ceremony held on Wednesday, June 17, 2015:

John Economides Scholarship
Petar Stoyanov,  Commerce: Major in International Business

Careers and Technical Program Scholar
Emile Brûlé-Champagne,  Computerized Systems Technology

Pre-University Diploma Program Scholar
Jenisha Patel,  Pure & Applied Science Honours

Continuing Education Attestation Scholar
Maria Andrea Barile,  Accounting

Gustav Levinschi Scholarships
Michael Pratte,  Health Science
Arvhic Jay Salazar,  Social Science
Alicia Williams,  Nursing

CAMMAC Graduation Scholarship
Caitlin Berger,  Music
Sam Fleury,  Professional Music: Performance

Cy Cooper Band Scholarship
Caitlin Berger,  Music

The Gloria Di Murro Creativity Award
Caroline Araujo-Calisto,  Communications: Art, Media, Theatre
Anamaria Bodea,  Modern Languages

David Johnson Memorial Science Scholarship
Anne Yin,  Health Science Honours

Cedric Kunicek Memorial Scholarship
Jessica Shumko,  Social Science: Major in Law & Society

The John Pitre Architectural Technology Scholarship
Firas Mahboub-Saab,  Architectural Technology

Nadia Turbide Scholarship
Caitlin Berger,  Music

Le Groupe Compass Perseverance Award
Manar Aoude,  Social Science

The Women’s Studies Fran Davis Award
Tristan Masson,  Social Science

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