2016 Graduation Ceremony: Scholarships and Awards

The Vanier College Foundation is proud to announce the following recipients for the 2016 Graduation Ceremony held on Tuesday, June 21, 2016:

John Economides Scholarship
Jordan Serfaty, Commerce

Careers and Technical Program Scholar
Adrian Todorov, Computer Science Technology

Pre-University Diploma Program Scholar
Melina Lau Kwok Fat,  Modern Languages

Continuing Education Attestation Scholar
Cheryl Bower,  Accounting Attestation

David Johnson Memorial Science Scholarship
Yi Zhi Zhang,  Health Science

Gustav Levinschi Scholarships
Brooke Brimo,  Communications: Art, Media, Theatre
Andrew Meng,  Health Science
Deidra Corina Robertson-Chois, Communications: Art, Media, Theatre

The Gloria Di Murro Creativity Award
Alexander Modonese, Communications: Art, Media, Theatre

Cedric Kunicek Memorial Scholarship
Anton Sokolov,  Social Science: Major in Law & Society

The John Pitre Architectural Technology Scholarship
Chelsea Petosa,  Architectural Technology

CAMMAC Graduation Scholarship
Nathalie Vitalez,  Music

Noël Spinelli Classical Voice Scholarship
Adrien-Alberto Viera De la Torre,  Music
Audrée-Alexandrine Couillard-Tremblay,  Music

Nadia Turbide Scholarship
Audrée-Alexandrine Couillard-Tremblay,  Music

Robert F. Jones Composition Scholarship
Patrick Languedoc,  Music

Carmelita Sideco Memorial Scholarship
Cristine Ramolete,  Nursing

The Alumnae Association of the Montreal General Hospital School of Nursing Award
Cristine Ramolete,  Nursing

Le Groupe Compass Perseverance Award
Joy Nneji,  Nursing


Thank you once again to all of our generous benefactors for supporting our students in achieving their goals and ensuring that the Vanier College Foundation’s mission is fulfilled.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2016!


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