Ali Alousi Memorial Scholarship - NEW
Created in memory of Ali Alousi, a teacher in the Physics Department, an annual scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded to a graduating female student who plans to continue her studies in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) field at the university level. Ali Alousi worked at Vanier from 2000 until his passing on November 8, 2016. Throughout his career, he was very passionate about encouraging women to pursue science at the post-secondary level. Donate Now.
The Bauer Animal Welfare Award - NEW

(Formerly known as The Vanier Animal Health Technology Animal Welfare Scholarship)

This scholarship has been created in recognition of Linda Campbell’s lifelong dedication to animal welfare and student success, and to a long line of dedicated golden retrievers!

Bauer Campbell was a beloved canine companion of the Animal Health Technology department. Not only did this joyful Golden Retriever provide students comfort, support, and cuddles, he was also a working dog who helped hundreds of students acquire a variety of nursing techniques over the years. Bauer passed away suddenly and peacefully in the fall of 2016, but his legacy will live on. Bauer represented what it meant to be patient, forgiving, caring, and compassionate, traits he shared with his owner, Linda Campbell. As the unofficial mascot of the AHT department, it felt fitting to name this scholarship after Bauer both in his memory and in recognition of Linda Campbell’s lifelong dedication to animal welfare and student success.

An award of $250 will be given to a student entering the 6th semester of the Vanier Animal Health program who has consistently demonstrated outstanding commitment to animal welfare and care during the past 3 years via leadership, compassion and initiative. Donate Now.

Bill MacArthur Scholarship
A $500 scholarship will be awarded annually to a Vanier College basketball player who reflects Bill’s character and attitude towards life and the game he loved. Bill was a Physical Educator who worked at Vanier from 1978 until the day he died, January 1st, 2014. Donate Now.
Carmelita Sideco Memorial Scholarship
Created in memory of Carmelita Sideco, a dedicated Vanier nursing teacher, this fund is to support a graduating student in the nursing department with Philippine origins who has best demonstrated characteristics of caring in the practice. Donate Now.
Cedric Kunicek Memorial Scholarship
Provide a $500 scholarship to one Vanier College student in the Social Science Program with a major in Law and Society, in memory of Cedric Kunicek. Donate Now.
David Johnson Memorial Fund
This fund was created in memory of David Johnson who served as Vanier College Academic Dean from 1980-1986. This scholarship, valued at $500, will be awarded annually at the graduation ceremony to the student with the top cumulative average in the Pre-University Science Diploma Programs. Donate Now.
Dorothy Yen Women of Science Scholarship - NEW
In honour of Vanier alumna Dorothy Yen, this scholarship is to encourage women in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Two awards of $200 will be given to two full-time female science students in their 3rd semester, who intend to pursue higher education and/or careers in the STEM fields. Selection criteria include financial need, good academic standing, and a short essay (approximately 300 words) detailing the student’s future goals and how they would address the issues related to gender disparity in science.

Dorothy Yen (1979 – 2016) was a graduate of Vanier College (DEC Health Science, 1999). She continued her studies at both Concordia and UQÀM before obtaining her Master’s in Environmental Studies from University of Waterloo in 2009. Dorothy was a vocal and passionate advocate of women in the field of science. She passed away unexpectedly in August 2016.

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The Gloria Di Murro Creativity Award
This scholarship, valued at $500.00, will be awarded annually to a graduating student from Communications: Arts, Media, Theatre or the Literature and Languages Program who demonstrates creativity as well as humanitarianism. Donate Now.
Liberio Community Involvement Awards
Liberio Community Involvement BURSARY:  The purpose of this bursary is to reward students who demonstrate financial need and who are committed to being engaged citizens within the Vanier community. Four bursaries valued at $750 each (total of $3,000) will be awarded in the Winter semester. More information.

Liberio Community Involvement SCHOLARSHIP:  The purpose of this scholarship is to reward students who are involved in helping in their community by being engaged citizens. Four scholarships valued at $500 each (total of $2,000) will be awarded in the Winter semester. More information.

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Louis Contant Music Scholarship
The Vanier College Louis Contant Music Music Scholarship Fund was established as a tribute to him and as on-going support to current Vanier College Music Students. Donate Now.
Meg Sircom Memorial Scholarship
In memory of English teacher Meg Sircom, this scholarship is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates outstanding achievement in English courses and who has produced a portfolio of excellent creative writing. Donate Now.
Nadia Turbide Music Scholarship
The curriculum committee recommends a  $200.00 graduation scholarship be established in the name of Nadia Turbide to be given in June to the student with the highest overall academic average in a music program (501.A0, 551.AA, 551.AB, 200.11, 300.11, and 500.11). Though given in June, December graduates from the same academic year would also be eligible for the scholarship. Donate Now.
The Peter Gonda Memorial Scholarship - NEW
Peter Gonda passed away on August 20th 2016 at the age of 47. He was a Montreal-based artist, novelist and screenwriter. One of his main passions was photography. He travelled around the world and exhibited his photographs in London, Paris and Montreal. The Peter Gonda Memorial Scholarship, valued at $500, will be awarded annually to any Vanier College student who demonstrates original photographic works. Donate Now.
Robert Frederick Jones Composition Scholarship
To honour the late Robert Frederick Jones, his colleagues in the Music Department have established the Robert Frederick Jones Composition Scholarship.  Donate Now.
The Women's Studies Fran Davis Award
The Women’s Studies Fran Davis Award was established in 2005 when Fran Davis, a longstanding member of Women’s Studies, retired.  At that time, Women Studies members decided to honor her many contributions by initiating the Women’s Studies Fran Davis Student Award.  This $100.00 yearly award is given to a Women’s Studies Certificate candidate who proactively participates in activities that improve the quality of life of women at Vanier College. Donate Now.
Vo Van Tho Memorial Scholarship - NEW
Vo Van Tho was a Mathematics professor at Vanier College from 1982 to 2013. In a career that spanned nearly 50 years, this scholarship commemorates his dedication and commitment to the service of teaching and education. Each year, two graduating students, one from Commerce and one from the Sciences, will be awarded this prize for demonstrating academic excellence in mathematics. The value of each award is $500. Donate Now.


Eva R. Gsum Foundation Award
The Eva R. Gsum Foundation aims to support student-athletes who are returning or departing Division 1 Men’s and Women’s basketball players. The awards are given yearly at the Athletics Awards Banquet, rewarding $500 for the Men’s player and $250 for the Women’s player.
Gustav Levinschi Foundation Scholarships
The Gustav Levinschi Foundation Scholarships consist of three awards (value: $1000 each) awarded annually to the students with the highest academic average who will be continuing their studies in university.
John Pitre Architectural Technology Scholarships
Generously inaugurated by John Pitre, an architect and Vanier graduate, The John Pitre Scholarships consist of a set of three scholarships awarded annually to outstanding graduating students in the Architectural Technology. They are: Scholarship for the highest academic achievement by a second year Architectural Technology student (value: $500); Scholarship for the graduating Architectural Technology student who has demonstrated an academic transformation through the Program (value: $1000); and John Pitre Habitat for Humanity Participation Support (value: $1,100). More information.
The Vanier College Foundation Student Art Acquisition Scholarship - NEW
Beginning in the Winter 2017 semester, this scholarship will be used to purchase student art works with the aim of promoting student success and offering financial support to students. Purchased art works will be displayed in various areas of the college. This scholarship would lead to the creation of an art bank that would help showcase the talents of our students in disciplines such as photography, sculpture, drawing and painting.